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Heil Seitan!

If watching someone sacrifice garlic on a pentagram “altar” (it’s a granite cutting board, but go with the fantasy), use casual profanity, or periodically yell “Heil Seitan!” offends you, then this is definitely not the show (or the post) for you. If it makes you laugh or want to make Pad Thai, then the Vegan Black Metal Chef [VBMC] is your guy.

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What’s for Dinner, Po’ Folks?

What’s for dinner, Po’ Folks? Last summer Leanne Brown, a grad student in food science at New York University, released a cookbook. A lavishly illustrated cookbook with healthy, delicious recipes that anyone with computer access could download for free. Best part? This is a cookbook designed for Po’ Folks – specifically people who have only $4 per person per day to spend on food. Brown created “Good and Cheap” for families on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the program formerly known as “food stamps.”…

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Larry and Laban created a cooking show like no other - for Po' Folks.

“Cookin’ Cheap” Revisited

In 1981, an entirely new kind of cooking show burst onto the scene. Hosted by Larry Bly and Earl “Laban” Johnson, Jr., “Cookin’ Cheap” destroyed the elitist paradigm of all cooking shows that preceded it and most that came after it. Po’ Folks, remember that this was 1981. There was no Food Network with 24-7 coverage of cupcake wars and food truck makeovers and people eating insects. Larry and Laban are a couple of unlikely Southern boys from Roanoke, Virginia who take cooking to unprecedented…

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