Haunted Red Line

Haunted Red Line Tour

Haunted Red Line
Richard Carradine of Ghost Study Los Angeles (GHOULA) leads a tour of LA’s historical haunts. Photo by Jane Pojawa.

This originally ran last October, but the Haunted Red Line Tour is back and you have a chance to jump on it,

When: June 28th, July 26th, August 30th, September 27th
(Each “Last Sunday” this summer)

Like ghost stories?

Most people do. As living folklore or urban myth, they connect the past with the future in a way that is entertaining and, in a sense, informative. They inspire a sense of wonder.

Ghost stories tend to have two components: an observation of paranormal activity and then an “explanation.”

To this end, Richard Carradine of Ghost Study Los Angeles has created a can’t-miss event for Angelinos. The “Haunted Red Line Tour” (or is it the DEAD Line?) runs every Sunday night out of Union Station for the month of October. Po’ Folks: you will need to purchase a 1-day Metro Pass ($7 plus TAP card) and the tour is donation-based. Please give what you can for this evening of entertainment.

Carradine’s interest in ghosts leans more towards the ghost story and historical context than to explanations of paranormal activity. Ironically, the stories of the dead – their tragic lives and violent ends – make history come alive.

The tour begins at Union Station with about 25 people.  Union Station is at an epicenter of paranormal activity and intensely interesting, salacious history. Carradine touches on the Chinese massacre of 1871, LA’s shameful history of lynchings, the brothel that once occupied Philippe’s restaurant, the Pico House (and the previous Rose Adobe) and the shifting location of Downtown Los Angeles. His stories are punctuated with vanishing horsemen, restless prostitutes, undead laundrymen, and the Spiritualist’s Curse of City Hall. Which is still in effect, apparently.

From here the participants all board the subway. The tour travels through 13 stops to the North Hollywood Station (at the end of the line), with stops along the way to get off the train, rise to street level, have a look around and hear tales of those who lived and died in previous incarnations of historical LA. Many of the historic sites are still there, and it’s easy to imagine the last moments of a naked lesbian killed by a religious policeman; a stubborn Native American woman still walking La Zanja Madre, LA’s first irrigation ditch; or a little girl playing in the empty and abandoned tunnels under the city.

Perhaps they’re still with us, for allegedly they’re still seen.

For those unfamiliar with LA’s public transit system, it’s a great introduction. Likewise with LA’s history. Carradine’s retellings of historical events are informative and never boring. For those hoping to see a ghost – maybe! At least you’ll know where to look.

Where: Union Station

When: 7:00 pm

Cost: Metro Pass and donation

Anticipate three hours of standing and walking. It is not strenuous but for those with mobility issues, be advised.

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