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New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Happy New Year, Po’ Folks! As always, we strive to do better and 2015 is a fine place to start for a year of Relentless Self Improvement. Starting now. Or for procrastinators, soon. A few months ago, I wrote a post about so-called rich habits vs poor habits. I’m rather skeptical about the cause and effect of these observations, however that doesn’t mean that there are no good ideas in the mix that should not be dismissed out of hand. Let’s give it a try.…

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Kickin’ the Habit

There is a misconception going around that if Po’ Folks would only get our individual acts together and start acting more like Rich Folks then we would become Rich Folks and all of our problems would disappear. I’m going to pause for a moment, let you absorb that and wait for the laughter to abate. Alright now? Here’s the controversy: A few years back a motivational speaker named Thomas Corley made a five-year study of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty. 

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Waiting for Merlot: Experiences vs Products

Good news, Po’ Folks: science has determined that having more stuff won’t make you more happy. In fact a recent paper, “Waiting for Merlot: Anticipatory Consumption of Experiential and Material Purchases” made a good case that the more stuff you have, the more disappointed you’re going to be with it. The authors of the paper, Amit Kumar, Matthew A. Killingsworth and Thomas Gilovich, found that anticipating something was generally more enjoyable than attaining it and more than anything else, experiences are a lot better than possessions. Let’s pretend that you just…

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Photo by Dominique Godbout.

Dressing It Up in a Recession

What do you spend money on when you’re broke? If you’re a woman, cosmetics and sexy clothes are the winners for splurge purchases. Men don’t care about dressing it up. They buy computer accessories and headphones. This issue got my attention while I was looking for general information on budgeting. The YWCA had a campaign a few years ago called “Beauty at Any Cost.” It studied the targeting of young women by the beauty industry and the negative repercussions it has on them financially and…

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Photo by Jenn_Jenn. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

“Remember that time you were cleaning out your wallet and found an extra $5 bill stuffed inside one of the pockets? Poor people are laughing their asses off right now because I might as well be asking if they remember the time they found an extra minotaur in the kitchen. When you’re living check to check, there is no amount of money that isn’t accounted for, right down to the last penny. You don’t have “about 70 bucks” in the bank. You have $68.17.” -John Cheese