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Haunted Red Line

Haunted Red Line Tour

This originally ran last October, but the Haunted Red Line Tour is back and you have a chance to jump on it, When: June 28th, July 26th, August 30th, September 27th (Each “Last Sunday” this summer) Like ghost stories? Most people do. As living folklore or urban myth, they connect the past with the future in a way that is entertaining and, in a sense, informative. They inspire a sense of wonder. Ghost stories tend to have two components: an observation of paranormal activity and…

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mammoth and camel at Page Museum

Museums Free-for-All Day is Jan. 31

{{unknown}}A few months ago, we featured a post on Experiences vs Products. Spoiler: Experiences win. Now wouldn’t it be that much better if it cost you nothing? Good news, on January 31 many of LA’s museums will be open to the public for free. Several of these museums are free anyway, and most have one free day or event per month, but this is a terrific way to enjoy a little culture at a can’t-be-beat price. It’s also awfully convenient to be able to go on…

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Waiting for Merlot: Experiences vs Products

Good news, Po’ Folks: science has determined that having more stuff won’t make you more happy. In fact a recent paper, “Waiting for Merlot: Anticipatory Consumption of Experiential and Material Purchases” made a good case that the more stuff you have, the more disappointed you’re going to be with it. The authors of the paper, Amit Kumar, Matthew A. Killingsworth and Thomas Gilovich, found that anticipating something was generally more enjoyable than attaining it and more than anything else, experiences are a lot better than possessions. Let’s pretend that you just…

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Wasteland Weekend 2014

The race is on to see which cataclysmic event destroys society as we know it the fastest. Will it be a nuclear explosion; a virus such as Ebola; climate change; a volcanic winter; a dirty bomb? Perhaps it will be something more obscure like a zombie apocalypse, the wrath of god, or an alien invasion. Whatever the scenario, someone at Wasteland Weekend has anticipated it and has a survival plan in place.   Wasteland Weekend, now in its fifth year, is the brainchild of Jared Butler…

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